Friday, July 16, 2010

Amazingly Delicious Raw Dessert: Super Easy and Super Nutritious

Came across this video of Julie Morris demonstrating a raw recipe for no bake brownies.  This is the same recipe my group at Natural Gourmet used as part of our raw lollipop dessert for our Friday Night Dinner.  I've posted a photo below of our final product. Last I heard, Natural Gourmet was planning on using our dessert recipe presentation in an upcoming NGI cookbook.

This is a delicious, nutrient packed dessert that is super simple to prepare.  Check out Julie's demo and give it try at home. 

Friday Night Dinner, CTP 175 Group A Dessert, Raw Lollipops with Pomegranate and Orange Dipping Sauce.  The lollipop on the far right was made using the recipes and procedure described by Julie in the video.

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