Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Manna of the Gods

My favorite breakfast:  multi-grain manna bread with raw crunchy almond butter.  Satiating and energizing, you can find both at your local health food store. 

About Manna Bread

Manna Bread owes its ancient origins to the Essenes that once lived near the shores of the Dead Sea, whose legacy survives through the Dead Sea Scrolls and other Aramaic manuscripts.

"...moisten your wheat, that the angel of water may enter it…and the blessing...will soon make the germ of life to sprout... then crush your grain and make thin wafers as did your forefathers..."
—Essene Gospel of Peace

Manna Bread is remarkably simple and wholesome, made entirely from sprouted organic grains, seeds, fruits & nuts. It contains no salt, leavening, yeast, oil, or sweeteners. By fully germinating the grains, the starches are easily converted into digested natural complex sugars, similar to those found in fresh fruits, hence the sweetness. The sprouts are ground and hand-shaped into loaves, baked at a low temperature, then packed and frozen to preserve shelf life, without any chemical additives.

About Almonds

I eat Once Again brand organic raw crunchy almond butter. They mill raw unblanched almonds to create this delightful butter.  Almonds are a protein powerhouse.  A quarter-cup contains 7.62 grams-more protein than is provided by the typical egg, which contains 5.54 grams.  They help lower LDL cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.  Almonds contain manganese, copper and riboflavin.

Learn more about the power of almonds:

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