Monday, August 30, 2010

Rena Unger's Long Bean Salad

After taking Rena Unger's "Passport to Health: Destination Thailand" class, I've been obsessed with making the awesome recipes she created. Bill and I went to Chinatown on Saturday and did some shopping. It wasn't easy (the insane crowds aside) finding a mortar and pestle that wasn't marble and didn't weigh 50 pounds.  After pounding the pavement, we had given up and decided to just get the ingredients for the Pad Thai. While paying for our veggies at a market I had been to with Chef Rich LaMarita from Natural Gourmet Institute last year, I looked up and there it was on a high shelf. Seems to be made out of terracotta. 

Here it is in action with the completed Long Bean Salad Rena taught me to make. 

I'll post photos of Rena's Pad Thai as soon as I finish making it. Can't wait to eat dinner tonight.

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